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platinum tanning bed at Das Spa


This Wolff tanning bed is a level 3, 12-minute max unit with side tanners.   This unit is perfect for any experienced or new tanner, and at 160 watts and A/C cooled, you are comfortable during every tanning session.
Doing a Hydration Pod before this service as well as using a UV lotion you will tan deeper, darker, giving you a healthier, natural looking glow.

Elite Tanning bed at Das Spa


This Wolff tanning bed is a level 5, 8-minute max unit is the strongest unit in Albuquerque.   Perfect for a faster, even tan that helps with underarms and pressure points.  At 200 watts and A/C cooled the experienced tanner will appreciate this unit. Rotating between the Platinum and Elite will give your skin the glow you have always wanted.  Offering UVA & UVB these units build your base tan, and suggested before trips to reduce the risk of overexposure.

Velocity HP1000 tanning bed at Das Spa


This Wolff UVA only unit is in a class of its own.  At 15 minutes it's perfect for maximizing your tan without any chance of over-exposure.  The open canopy is contoured to your body to be relaxing and comfortable.  The Hydration Pod & Red Light Therapy is suggested be done regularly when using this bed, as well as a UV lotion for max results. With proper rotation this bed is only needed to be used once a week, you will see yourself with a tanning that others with wish they had.


This 100% completely customizable, UV free booth is perfect for people that don't use a UV bed or have the time to.   With options like customized undertones, faster developing, looking good is at your fingertips.  Done in as little as 2 minutes and only requires a 4 point turn, getting in and out is easy and stress free.

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