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This futuristic pod is perfect for someone on a mission to lose inches, burn calories, and help get rid of pesky cellulite. Using only Infrared heat and reaching 178 degrees. It heats the core body temperature to increase metabolic rate.  It calculates your calories burned during the session and burns between 200 and 700 calories per 30 min session.


This pod uses a combination of infused steam and infrared heat.  Used with moisturizing products, this pod opens all the pores and allows products to absorb 2 to 3 times deeper.  This service is perfect before a UV session or just to give you back that soft supple, hydrate skin we lose the older we get while removing unwanted cellulite.



This water massage bed is the best if you just need to relax and destress. This 100% customizable massage allows you to target problem areas.   Using warm water that helps relax your joints & muscles, it also increases blood flow, helps break down fatty tissue and deposits.  All while it can also decrease tension, rejuvenate sore, achy muscles.


 This non-abrasive, FDA approved facial with no negative side effects and requires no "downtime".  Offering a variety of treatments designed for your individual goals.   Helps with anti-aging, acne conditions, & damaged skin, and can be targeted & used on almost anywhere on the body. All of this is done while enjoying a deep tissue massage that you can customize just for you.  


This FDA approved service is often referred to as a  healing light.  Penetrates 2 to 3 inches into the skin to stimulate the body's collagen production.  It can be used for joint and muscle recovery. All while it help with the appearance of sun and age spots, decreases wound recovery time & getting you back to the things you enjoy doing, decreases inflammation of the skin, fade scars and the appearance of stretch marks, as well as sooner!


This NEW & Exciting service has many 30 min virtual classes to choose from, This state of the art, hot yoga experience is new to the fitness & health industry. The infrared sauna can reach up to 125 degrees (for optimal results), and 800 calories burned per session can be done with you & up to 2 friends, 7 days a week.

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